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The Menu

Food always comes to those who love to cook!

- Gusteau (Ratatouille movie)


– La Torre selection of cured meats and cheeses with honey, jams, pickled vegetables and fried Gnocchi. € 18.00

– Small sampling of Carlo Giusti's products €12,00

– Mashed celeriac with pan-fried artichoke and stracchino cheese € 12,00

– Chickpea and beet humus with vegetable ratatouille and red cow parmesan crumble € 14,00

– Fried pumpkin and boiled chicken "In saor" with chicken broth reduction and thyme crouton € 14,00

– Beef tartare from "Due Pioppi" farm with lemon sour cream on warm bone and its marrow € 18,00

First Courses

– Bigoli with pumpkin and "Blu di Nicoletta" fondue € 16,00

– Pappardella with boiled chicken and pioppino mushroom cooked with red wine € 16,00

– Linguine with romaine cabbage and anchovies “colatura” € 17,00

– Fresh pasta maccheroncino with artichoke, lard and pecorino cheese € 15,00

Second Courses

– Beef fillet with black truffle demiglace, soft egg and toasted bread € 32,00

– Diaphragm steak with champignon mushrooms and fig sauce with balsamic vinegar € 24,00

– Pigeon cooked at low temperature with its red fruit flavored sauce, baked squash and endive € 28,00

From the Grill

– Beef steak with seasonal vegetables € 22,00

– Homemade bun with beef burger from “Due Pioppi” Farm, baked squash, smoked bacon, green salad greens and Monteveronese cheese fondue. Frenchfries and yogurt sauce with herbs on the side. € 18,00

– Cutting board La Torre (pork ribs, chicken overbelly, PGI Piedmontese beef sausage, beef steak, grilled vegetables, herb yogurt sauce) € 24,00


Side Dishes

– Cooked radicchio with red wine € 9,00

– Grilled vegetables € 6,00

– Steamed vegetables € 6,00

– Grilled champignons € 6,00

– Baked potatoes € 5,00

– Rustic French fries € 6,00

– Jalapeno (3pcs) € 6,00

– Mixed salad € 5,00

The Meats

Ribs and Florentine Dry Aged

Due Pioppi Farm Mirano Venice, 90 days of maturation
(Pasture-raised beef fed with forage from the farm, Angus breed and ancient breed crosses) (animal age 24/30 months)

Butcher's Mastra Alebardi, Baltic Black 35 days of maturation
(Cows from selected Finnish pastures, wild state feed, extra marbling, intense strong flavour) (mixed breed average animal age 5 years)

Morenica or Barbina Franciacortina 40 days of maturation
(Scottona fed on alfalfa and cereals, average age 18/24 months, marbled meat, delicate flavour)

Prussian beef (Jolanda de Colò)
(Animals raised and fed on pasture in the region of a thousand lakes) (Prussian beef breed, average age 30 months)

Tamaco Selection
(Holland herds, Friesian breed, 40 days of maturation, medium marbling, 5/6 year old animal, grass grain feed)

Some notes on conservation and on our ceramic stone cooking method

In our restaurant, the meats are stored in a holding cell specially designed to preserve the raw material which has a long shelf life maturation, the cooking of our meat is done with a ceramic stone plate which transmits the heat by radiation distributed by the stone for perfect cooking of ribs and T-bone steaks. The meat is crunchy on the outside, soft and warm on the inside.
Embers are very often assumed to be the best method for steaks and grilled meats but often a product is obtained which risks drying out too much. There stone gives an embers effect without being harmful and keeping the characteristics of the meat intact. Furthermore, the skill of the cooks is fundamental In our case, in addition to being skilled chefs, we believe they must have a particular vocation for grilling and for treating meat throughout the chain, from preservation to cooking.

Ristorante La Torre MestreOur beers
The beers
– Canediguerra (Pidmont)
– Eremo Brewery(Tuscany)
– Renton Brewery (Marche)
– Lupulus Brewery (Belgium)
– Konig Ludvig Brewery (Germany, Hell style).

Restaurant La Torre MestreThe wines
The wines
– Organic or natural wines
– Wide choice of bubbles (ancestral and champagne)

Ristorante La Torre Mestre
Osteria Birreria La Torre
Via Della Torre 12/14, Mestre (Ve)
Telefono: +39.041.7127478. +39.391.1217949
E-mail: birreria.torredimestre@gmail.com
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