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Le birre

Why the name of the restaurant is Osteria Birreria La Torre?

"I believe that these two words, tavern and brewery, describe the characteristics of our place. In a brewery you can usually also eat a good hamburger and very often in a tavern you can find the best cuisine and good wine. In our restaurant you can taste and mix these four specialties. Cooking, hamburgeria, wine and beer. All these products are carefully chosen to offer the customer variety and quality."

- Fabio Cavallarin (owner)

The restaurant is inspired by a setting that refers to the Middle Ages. Stones, arches, woods and metals characterize the atmosphere of our place, enhanced by the context that surrounds it.

Restaurant La Torre MestreWho we are

Restaurateurs for more than 25 years we love our job and with a staff of very young, but very well-prepared elements, we are committed to offering the customer friendliness, conviviality and quality in a decidedly suggestive and unique place.

Our cellar can satisfy the tastes of every wine lover, in our list you can find the traditional labels but also the new trends in the wine world, organic wines or natural, small producers from all over Italy, for a total of 250 labels.

And finally, a choice of bubbles with the classic method (or champenoise) was decided, designed for the most demanding customers: in the cellar you can find an excellent selection, from the ancestral ones to champagne.

I vini

Ristorante La Torre Mestre
Osteria Birreria La Torre
Via Della Torre 12/14, Mestre (Ve)
Telefono: +39.041.7127478. +39.391.1217949
E-mail: birreria.torredimestre@gmail.com
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